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New F.A.R. Zoning may Allow BIGGER Houses

Wednesday, December 20th, 2006

In a strange twist to the trend of further restriction on Westchester zoning codes, the Town of Spring Valley has proposed to increase the floor area ratios (FAR) for single and multi-family residences.

Yes, I know…Spring Valley is on the “far side” of the river in Rockland County, but…

The proposal, if approved, will increase the town’s FAR limits from 30 percent to 55 percent. The change is in response to the neighboring town, Ramapo, increasing its FAR to 90% for one small zoning district bordering Spring Valley.

Although it may feel like every town in the Tri-State Area is restricting property owners’ rights to suffocating limits (and this may be true for Westchester…I don’t know), I just wanted to highlight some that are bucking the trend.

North Castle Proposes New Residential Zoning Standards

Wednesday, December 13th, 2006

The Town of North Castle is proposing legislation that will add several new residential development standards including,

“(1) floor area ratio (FAR) controls, (2) gross land coverage (impervious surface) limitations, (3) a maximum exterior wall height limit, (4) environmental subtractions and (5) minimum contiguous buildable area requirements.”

“The basic purposes of these new residential development standards include protecting community character…”

Read the complete text on the North Castle website.

New Castle F.A.R. Legislation

Thursday, December 7th, 2006

This is the draft legislation for the new Floor Area Ratio code.

Proposed F.A.R. Legislation – Draft 11/28/2006

New Castle Proposes Floor Area Ratio Legislation

Wednesday, December 6th, 2006

In an attempt to limit the size of houses throughout the Town of New Castle, the town board is proposing legislation that would add Floor Area Ratio (F.A.R.) requirements to the town’s zoning code. This legislation will effect EVERY residential property in New Castle by restricting the total floor area of every proposed residential project; new homes, as well as additions.

Comments made at the 11/28 public hearing suggested that the proposed legislation may reduce the available buildable area in some districts by almost 50%.

How restrictive will the new F.A.R. code be? The board claims that the proposed legislation will leave most homes in compliance with the new code.

How will this legislation effect the value of homes in New Castle? How much of a home’s value is based on its expansion possibilities?

How will this legislation effect revenue for the town? Fewer improvements. Smaller homes. Fewer building permits. Will taxes need to be increased to compensate for reduced revenue growth?

The next public hearing is scheduled for December 12 at 8:00PM.